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I am a disaster with beauty products. This is a fact. But I have a sister who is my opposite AND happens to work for a company which produces those kind of things. Isn’t that lucky ?!?! She is a very nice sister on all counts.

As far back as I can remember, C. (my sister), by the way, in my world people only have initials… where was I, ah..yes, since the beginning of time, for me that is, my sister has always taken care of my beauty routine, told me what to do, use, and even when to start using it. Isn’t that great? I think so. Because

1. I can’t be bothered to find it out myself

2. because I don’t much like beauty products

3. but I want to look good anyway!!

So, all this in order to tell you that a few month ago, she gave me a complete set of make-up, you know, those small stands used in beauty shops/dept. with all the different bits one might “need” e.g. several eyeshadow colours, a couple of mascara, foundation in three different shades, etc.  The company she works for is a quality one, they make really good products, the kind that is sold only in pharmacies but are cool too. Now, am I lucky or what? Even I was quite excited receiving this….WH7431

I will get to the point soon…

I decided the stand was a pain though, needing dusting all the time and not being able to add other products which didn’t belong to it. This is what I did:

I went to buy containers to put in my bathroom cabinet.



I forgot to mention the fact I am an organising freak, which is the point of this post, Organising I mean.

I enjoyed it soo much! (I know some of you  aren’t  tidiness obsessed like me and have probably just had a shiver down their back following my statement …) I bought a few “especially made for make-up” containers in clear plastic. In these you can put lipsticks, small nail varnish, etc. (can’t find photo)


I also got a box (same material) intended for jewellery, divided into small compartments and with a lid (no dust!!!). Yes, it is me who breaks her back dusting in my house!!! MUJIHere I have put  eyeshadow, blushe, etc. (without their box). I am going to leave this one out on some shelves because it’s too big for the cabinet but also because I really like the look of it, very pretty with all those colours in it!


I bought a tallish silver finish container, meant for tooth brushes, in which I have put my make-up brushes and mascaras.


I was able to detach a four compartment box for eye and lip liners? (not actually sure what they are called) from the original stand, 

which, by the way, is in the same clear plastic material. Above a couple of similar ones.

Finally, I had this rather large bronzer. I found a round (slightly bigger size than the bronzer), white porcelain dish. CASASo cute. Was intended for kitchen use…but it’s perfect for my use instead!

I still need a couple of clear boxes for all those small tubes, like concealer, eye cream, all sort of stupid little tubes that don’t stand on their own and I never use because, most of the time, I don’t actually know what they are for or where you are supposed to put them and how but I feel bad throwing them away, conclusion: I have them in my cupboard forever….4934761537634_p




I think the best place where to buy all kind of storage  boxes is probably MUJI. I didn’t go there but I know they have hundreds of them….








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