Colour matching

I have some observations about colour and shapes matching.

I will start from the beginning…..ok, I will try to keep it short! I bought a green sweater without actually thinking about what to wear it with (I love it by the way, looks even better than the picture AND is soo warm!)

& Other Stories CABLE KNIT SWEATER dark greenBecause I don’t, I never buy clothes to match them with something specific. I know why, do you?  This morning I decided I wanted to wear it and I matched it perfectly with a pair of patterned trousers I bought two years ago,

which I matched perfectly with a pair of Chelsea boots and I added a fox collar (belonged to my Grandma). Everything fell into place wonderfully!!

I will add that I wore my trousers, which are a bit baggy, turned up several times so you could see the top of the boots and I instantly became taller!! This because I then wore a big, shapeless parka….which looked great too with everything else I had on.

Conclusions: if one decides what her style and colours are, everything matches without effort.