Sale or not sale: this is the solution

Time to think about the Sale.       SALE SALE SALE 

First: you must look in your wardrobe and decide what you are missing


Second: you must look for what you intend to buy now. Have a look on your favourite sites or shops, try on, make your list. These are some of my favourite ones:

Third: you must decide what to buy now at full price and what to buy (if still available) in the sales. I think it’s best to buy inexpensive clothes at full price and what you can’t normally afford in the sales.

“Cheap” is sometimes ok but you MUST match it with “expensive”. When I say expensive, I don’t mean “Designer”, that’s not expensive, that’s “crazy”!!!  By the way, I call cheap a pair of 30 Euros trousers. So, if you buy, like I did, a pair of cheap faux leather trousers, this is what you do:

1) you must buy cheap now, not in the sales. The reason being, the state in which both the shop and the clothes are in, when they are on sale. Since those clothes ARE inexpensive anyway, you should buy them in their best state and have time to try them on properly.

2) cheap must fit you perfectly and be something you are not going to use lots, or for years. For example: trendy, colours you don’t normally use.

3) in order to make this specific piece less cheap looking, everything else must be good quality. I have a friend who has a villa and is in general quite well off. In one occasion she was wearing “The Dior pearl earrings”!!



Some time later I was speaking to her and other friends and it became apparent that everybody thought that at that time she WAS wearing the Dior earrings. Well, they were fake, bought at a street market for a few euros. The fact is, you want to look expensive, not spend a lot.

Things worth spending on:

1) A pair of jeans. Think, how much use do you get out of a pair of jeans? And, no, they are not all the same, a well cut pair of jeans makes a huge difference. You can find great ones in the sale. Shops must get rid of current season stock because they only have a few sizes left. It takes many years for a style to go out of fashion and will probably come back into fashion again in your lifetime (so, always keep jeans, you never know)

2) Cashmere sweater. This is the kind of item I was speaking about earlier. Wear a cashmere sweater over a pair of faux leather trousers and they will look expensive too! Anyway, there’s nothing like a cashmere jumper to make you feel and look like a “million dollars babe”!

3) Anything black, do I need to explain?!?

4) Handbags. Handbags MUST be good quality. I personally hate those faux leather ones, and also those kind of handmade “things”…. A good quality handbag makes an outfit, as much as a pair of shoes do. You can invest now and find yourself using it in 20 years time. You will know then it was worth spending on it.

5) Leather jacket. Well, what can I say I haven’t already? Too expensive to buy full price and you can always find good, on trend jackets in the sale and pay less. Go for it.

6) Shoes: Have we ever enough of them? I don’t think so!!!!! Buy anything you fancy as long as it doesn’t hurt or isn’t your size (are you reading husband?)

7) Accessories: belts must be good quality, so, buy in the sale. Cashmere hats and scarves too. Leather gloves are one of those things one always puts off buying preferring clothes and also because they are expensive, so buy in the sale as well.

Hope this was useful or at least fun! Buy wisely and don’t buy anything just because it’s on sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!