Autumn necklaces

I don’t wear much jewellery during summer, do you?
I suppose I don’t want to add anything which might make me feel too hot! Just now though, with the weather becoming a little colder, I have started thinking about necklaces.
You see, when I think about autumn, I think jeans, t-shirts, shirts, blazers, and, with that, I think I want to add something to make the outfits a bit more interesting.
That’s where the necklace comes in…

Zara has some really cute ones this season:
some quite voluminous and rather unusual, which I especially like on a t-shirt

some much finer but again unusual and fresh, nice with a shirt

finally some “medium-sized” ones, perhaps with a dress?

Anyway, it’s an inexpensive way to update your autumn wardrobe and make clothes look different every time you wear them!

Collage 2014-09-11 21_01_23
Collage 2014-09-11 21_24_30
Collage 2014-09-11 21_11_13
Collage 2014-09-11 21_43_22
Collage 2014-09-11 21_34_32
Collage 2014-09-11 21_46_27

Accessories are always the key…..