Exercise is good for you…….unfortunately (sigh)
It is necessary, for your health and for your looks.
The good news is, one needs to buy new clothes in order to do it.

I don’t like colourful clothes, as I have mentioned once or twice! Problem is, most sport clothes are either very bright or black. Nothing wrong with black, don’t get me wrong, but one sometimes wants to wear something other than that.
That leaves not much really, but there is a little that can be done. You still have blue, lots of shades of grey (not quite fifty though) and some moderately coloured shades.
The other problem with sportswear is that it isn’t easy to look stylish wearing it!!! Well, I think it can be done, but one really needs to keep to simple pieces and possibly add one, ONLY one, unusual or bright item.
Of course it would be best to keep to those things which suit us…
Another important thing to mention is make up. Now, you don’t want to go to the gym looking like you are going to a night out, red lipstick isn’t appropriate! On the other hand, you don’t want to look like you just got out of bed, no make up at all, pale, grey, unhealthy. Make up must be suitable for the occasion. I think one should look healthy, your face should have a little colour but, if you have a tan, you don’t even need to add anything. The only other two things you can use, are mascara and non coloured lip gloss.
Oh, I forgot to mention, just because sportswear exists, it doesn’t mean you can only wear specific clothing in order to exercise, well, unless it is really necessary, e.g. walking in the mountains with ballerinas isn’t recommendable. But, if you are going to the gym, nothing stops you from wearing a top which wasn’t intended for that, as long as it is not out of context.

So, here are some ideas….
I like the “under the knee” trousers, t-shirt or sleeveless tops, socks: possibly not seen. Trainers: there’s some lovely “sock-like” ones, very comfy and light, Nike has some.

tmp_Collage 2014-04-11 16_59_37552320097
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And you can see the single items below:
















Have fun, if you can!