Rain hats!

It’s raining!!!!!
I hate umbrellas. It’s easy to lose them, you have to hold them with one hand, therefore, you only have one left, which is obviously not enough, otherwise we wouldn’t have two! Also, where does one put it soaking wet once it has stopped raining and one does not need it anymore, wanting to use the hand the was previously busy holding it!!!!!!
They usually look awful and if they don’t you WILL lose them or they will be stolen.
Hence the HAT.
It’s much more practical, it can be fun, once you don’t need anymore you can fold it inside out and easily store in your handbag. Your hands are free to do lots of other things…..
Ok, if it is raining lots your hat will not be enough, but, do you really want to be out in pouring rain?! Better to stay home with a nice cup of tea.
Here is a selection of rain hats: