Leather, such an interesting though difficult subject! The thing is, it can really look great or awful, so it must be handled with  great care! Leather can look very chic worn with the right things, on the other hand, you add too much or too complicated or again the fit isn’t right or the material (especially faux leather) hasn’t a good finish (perhaps cardboard like), and you end up looking an absolute disaster!!!  The other risk is looking “tarty”, which I personally find worse than anything else….


So, having motivated !!! you about wearing it, here is my list:

1 JACKET looks great with just about anything apart from more leather. I love it on a dress, always nice with jeans but as nice with trousers. I suppose one has to be slightly more careful with skirts… if you don’t have one you MUST get one!

tmp_Collage 2013-09-30 06_58_18653515767

tmp_Collage brown leather jacket Oakwood-844885883
tmp_Collage black jacket Guess-2124988733
2 DRESS there’s a few dresses around and I think they are gorgeous! They obviously need to be simple, NOT TOO TIGHT, and must be worn with rather understated accessories if any.
tmp_Collage 2013-09-30 18_32_38-371073310

tmp_Collage 2013-09-30 22_51_11127739197
tmp_Collage 2013-09-30 18_32_021413169993

tmp_Collage 2013-09-30 18_37_32-517211941
3 SKIRTS I am a bit fed up with the usual black pencil skirt so I would go for something different in either colour or shape. Wear it with a simple classic sweater, thick tights and flats (pumps, lace-ups, ankle boots).
tmp_Collage burgandy leather skirt Cinque1600277947
tmp_Collage black leather skirt Zara1814065187
tmp_Collage  brown suede skirt Atelier Gardeur-1913648206

4 TROUSERS the most difficult item I reckon. I can’t bear the tight kind!!! I think they need to be bit loose, everything else as for the skirts.
tmp_Collage 2013-10-06 08_09_451163909176

tmp_Collage 2013-10-06 08_02_001499345122

tmp_Collage 2013-10-06 07_56_431148055571

Good luck!