Purple and yellow

I don’t like purple. I don’t like yellow either. I never thought I would say this, but I think purple and yellow together are rather cool. In small doses. Not too often. You also need to tread very carefully, one small mistake and you look terrible rather than chic!

This is the pic which made me change my mind:

I am not sure about the camisole, it looks a little too sexy for my liking. Here’s at random some clothes and accessories in the two colours:

And here are a few ideas of how to put them together:

I would wear purple for the top, just because yellow near your face is way too difficult. This way, it doesn’t matter whether your blond or dark haired and whether you have a sun tan (which, btw, if it’s too dark, isn’t nice either with yellow). Another matter is naturally dark skin, which tends to look fabulous whenever. Having said that, I’d still put purple at the top).