I must start with explaining myself with an example:

I have just folded and laid my favourite grey herringbone wool scarf onto the back of one of my solid grey plastic (with light coloured wooden legs) dining chairs ( what a mouthful that is!). I had to stop to look at them.

You are obviously now going to ask why I am telling you this and with details  about colour and texture, you are, aren’t you?! Well, I am going to tell you : beauty! Those gorgeous shades of grey with that chic shade of brown! And the different materials! Beautiful. This is what gets my excited, ah ah ah !

I can’t do anything without noticing, appraising, wondering, how gorgeous colour matching is, shapes are. This is when you start wondering whether I am a disturbed person….I don’t think I am (but then, most people that are, I guess, would say the same thing!!).

I have grown up loving clothes, fabrics, colours. I have worked at length with fashion.

I have another example for you: when I put the clothes out to dry on the balcony. I just can’t help “design” something. If the washing is mostly say, white and light grey (I have learned long ago it’s better to wash clothes in similar colour so they remain their original shade), I might alternate the two colours, or do one side of the rack grey and the other white, or, if I am lucky, there will be some pink to space the other two colours with…

Ok, I am a bit crazy perhaps, but, the above doesn’t take me longer than putting everything out at random and looks sooo beautiful!! I don’t do it to make my balcony look better, although it is pleasing anyway, I do it because it pleases MY eye.

Why not? I think it’s the same thing as looking at a painting, it pleases one’s eye. It’s beauty. I think we should have as much as possible, every day.

I forgot to mention my clothes racks are both silver/grey and the pegs are wooden. I had to add some red ones because I didn’t have enough though  on my balcony. The funny thing is, without trying, I have ended up , I noticed yesterday, with blue and green pegs in the blue bathroom!!!!