Back pain and socks

I know, the title is weird, but I am going to explain…

I am bed ridden, I managed to do some damage to my back…This morning, I was cleaning my house and I had just finished vacuuming the floor, when I decided best to lift the vacuum cleaner instead of pulling it… Well, that was a really bad decision. I felt a terrible pain in my lower back! From that moment onwards, things just got worse…I tried to sit, while using some of my best language, with my son asking whether he should call Dad…I said no, still thinking the excruciating pain was going to miraculously leave my body. I than decide I should lay on the floor and do some stretching…That’s when I realised I was never going to get up on my own!! I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry, I think I did a bit of both!!

I have been on my bed since then. With a couple of loo trips, with aid. I actually had a good laugh when, having decided it was easier to get to the bathroom on all fours, I entered the room and found my cat lying on the floor, who, having noticed me, went from sleeping to staring aghast and probably wondering what in hell I was doing in HIS position, rather then my usual one!!

But, let’s get to the socks. It’s hot where I live, I have air conditioning, thank God. Having hurt my lower back, I feel less pain if I have pillows under my legs, so I can rest the sore part. I even took the “heavily pregnant” position, which some of you have already guessed!! For the ones that haven’t had the pleasure of not sleeping at night because of a large and heavy belly, here is what it is: you lay on your side with your legs bent and stick a pillow between your knees. This allows you to get some, and I repeat, some sleep.

Well, I was lying in that fantastically elegant position for quite a while and my feet, with little blood I guess getting up there, were starting to be rather cold. I called therefore my husband in order to ask him to put socks on me.

BTW, we are on our own for almost 5 days, no sons!!! It never happens…But, getting back to the pair of socks…he went for a pair of grey “travel socks”. Very comfy, warm, a little above my ankles. Just the right size. So, I was lying there, rather bored by now, even though I had watched several NCIS episodes, made a couple of phone calls, eaten several things, including a tortilla with salame, and sweets, when I noticed the socks. I hadn’t actually looked at them until then. And my thought was: They look rather nice with bare legs, perhaps I should reconsider wearing socks with skirts again!

I can’t help it, even in pain I think about fashion, it’s in my blood. Let’s hope this cortisone the doc gave me gets there too!