Hello everybody,

I keep on disappearing, I know.  I went off writing on my blog….again …and again, several times in fact! I thought, there must be a reason and I think I have worked it out.  The thing is, it’s a time in my life where a lot of changes are taking place, mainly in my head, but also in my body, yuck!

I have always loved fashion and I always will, but it’s not enough anymore. It was nice to have a parallel life, one where I wore all of those gorgeous clothes, but the reality is very different now. I mainly wear house clothes (what a terrible term!!), sport clothes (this sounds much more glamorous than the previous one but it isn’t, I only go walking!!) and occasionally, as in a lot less than the first two, I actually wear decent clothes, even though just to go to the supermarket! Ah ah ah (sad laugh here).

I must accept I am not the person I used to be and I am getting older, as everyone does, one hopes! God, I sound soo serious!! I really don’t want it to be though, in fact, I want to start writing about my everyday life (only the interesting bits though), as a “FIFTY SOMETHING”, one who wants to have a laugh about things and wants to smile an awful lot more! I am done with serious and sad. Enough of that for everybody, every day. I am done with politically correct and nice to people at all costs. I don’t intend to offend anyone, not on purpose at least, but I want to speak without worrying constantly about people’s reaction.

Another matter. I am Italian but, having a husband who is a native English speaker, I sometimes think in that language. I don’t know why but I prefer to write in English when speaking about clothes. I suppose it just depends in which language I have read something about a specific subject, whether I have spoken to somebody about something (usually Italian here as I live in Italy) or what my mood is in that moment, for that matter! So, all this to say I am probably going to write in both languages and, for now, not bother translating into the other.

Here comes the next thing on my list: I do not have the kind of followers’ number in order for me to require translating what I write in the other language. Also, I am going to do this rambling on mainly for myself, I kind of need it. Difficult to explain why, perhaps i will understand that too soon…Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t care about people liking what I write, that would be insincere of me, I do, just not enough to work too hard at it though.

So, here we are, I have published my first “FIFTY SOMETHING” post!!