Cold shoulder

Just the one. This off the shoulders trend isn’t going away, might as well embrace it! I am obviously joking, do it only if you like it. I am a firm believer a girl shouldn’t follow all trends, just the ones one fancies or can actually wear (due to personal shape).

I do think this one is cute, not worth investing too much, but cute nevertheless. I also think it needs to be done with a reasonable amount of taste, otherwise one risks falling into “trash” territory….

The icon for this kind of top is of course Brigitte Bardot,original but I have never been a fan of “girly girls”, I tend much more for androgynous….I don’t mind a little femininity though here and there. You know those women who, even if wearing something sexy or frilly don’t look overwhelmingly feminine ? (or “tarty” some of the time, again, due to body shape too).


I find this TOPSHOP blouse quite flamboyant yet tasteful. Perfect match with jeans but also great with a pair of soft tailored trousers or a midi skirt, I would certainly wear this top:

TOPSHOP One Shoulder Bardot Blouse

TOPSHOP One Shoulder Bardot Blouse

I would lose the ’80’s haircut though!!