Gentry Portofino

I find photos on YOOX.COM terrible. First they don’t use models much, which means it’s almost impossible to understand how clothes, or shoes and accessories for that matter, look. When they do use a model, they don’t exactly go out of their way to make the look very appealing. Who in their right mind would wear a white shirt tucked in a black jersey long skirt AND patent platform beige sandals???!!!!!!! They don’t have much of a description either, generally tell you what is obvious from the picture and what isn’t there, e.g. no pockets. Last but not least, why on earth would one show of all colours available black, when, due to the previously listed faults in imaging, becomes just a dark shapeless mass?! So, the only way one can to understand anything is actually knowing the designer. Having said that, they do have great clothes…

I had to say all this to justify showing the following pictures of one gorgeous line I have always admired for its beautifully cut clothes and even better materials, not to mention the very high index of “chicness” : GENTRY PORTOFINO.


These clothes fall into the category “I don’t actually remember what she was wearing but she looked amazing”. Mainly knitwear, clean lines, soft cuts, classic up to date basics with great detailing. This is Gentry Portofino for me. Prices are high for my standards but, just now, they have many heavily discounted pieces which are all well worth investing in.

Here’s the page