Blue shirt + army green trousers + heels

I am addicted to House, the television medical drama. I love his terrible attitude and sense of humour. I also love Cameron’s outfits, she is always very chic in a kind of “I mean business” way! I just finished watching an episode where she wears a fitted sky-blue shirt and elegant army green trousers, with heels of course (as one does with all standing!! but hey! it is only a program…I know..), anyway, she looks amazing! Here it is:

Blue fitted shirt + army green elegant trousers + long necklace + heels

It’s very difficult to find blue fitted shirts and green trousers that look good at reasonable prices, this is what I could muster:

I like the striped shirt/green trousers look too, even though a little more casual so perhaps I would change the sandals…

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