Jeans, jeans, and jeans again…. the weather isn’t suitable for anything else…

I have worn my frayed pair, my “boyfriend” pair, no skinny right now because my legs refuse to slim down… Anyway, here are a few ideas to add to your jeans to make them look a little different every day:

A pair of interesting shoes


A gorgeous shirt, from COS, who else!

Grandad shirtFlared shirtPrinted shirtDraped neck printed shirt

Do the all-denim look:

Perhaps you could even add to the above a colourful silk scarf

I also like the white t-shirt + jeans + colourful belt AND I wouldn’t mind the matching flat shoes too!! Or a handbag instead…

You can also add a little something to your jeans, a bit of DIY

After DRK beaded jeans

Or a jacket and heels

Boyfriend jeans made elegant

Well, this is it for now.




Shirt dress, Shirt