Tailored trousers + t-shirt

I am into t-shirts with elegant “bottoms” lately. Plain t-shirts if the skirt/trousers are printed, or graphic t-shirts if “legs” are one colour. Since I have already done a post about the skirt combination ( here ), here is the trousers version:


I love this picture, it’s me, not really me as such, but it is my style. A little masculine.

Anyhow, I searched the internet as usual for affordable clothes to recreate the look…

I actually have a great tee, which my husband won through Virgin Radio and is far too big for him, so I have taken possession of it!!




The t-shirt: must be the classic T shaped one, oversized, so get a man’s one, short sleeves and round neck. Also, I quite like the “logo” ones in this look but not strictly designer, it can be something funny, something you picked up in one of your travels or one with the name of a radio station for example!!  I prefer it black and white or vice versa. There’s something else, the fabric, although it must be cotton, it also needs to be a light jersey that falls nicely… Here’s my choice:

The trousers: white (not transparent please!!!), flawy material, loose and possibly quite long.

Shoes don’t really matter that much as the trousers should fall in a way that will hide them but, if I were to say a style here’s what I’d wear:


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