Guests’ looks


I would like to start a new page called Guests’ looks. I presume it is self-explanatory but I will expand on it anyway. I guess it’s a slightly different version of “street style” where YOU send me pictures of yourself  with a look you think worth sharing. It does need to be, obviously, something I like too, after all this is MY Blog. I suppose it is kind of dangerous, as I might not like your look and decide not to post it. Well, we all have different ideas, respect mine but don’t feel offended, as my taste is my taste, not better, not worse, just mine. On the other hand, I might love your look. Please have a look at what I usually post in order to understand what I might like. So, here’s how I would like to do it:

Three options:

1-  send me a picture of yourself wearing your special look. Please make sure the picture is good, with enough light etc.

2-  if you do not wish to be recognised (masks not accepted!!), I am happy with a collage, made by you, of items you think would look nice together. 

3-  I love details too, so if you have a really good one, please share!

My e-mail address is:

Remember to put your name and perhaps your country if you wish.

I wouldn’t mind if you also wrote the Brand of your clothing (don’t keep me guessing!!).

I will look at what you sent and, if I decide to post it, will let you know.

Now, don’t be shy and give us all some good ideas on how to dress! Be my special guest!