White shirt + floral skirt

The weather has improved as far as I am concerned, it is much cooler! Ten degrees cooler. Apart from actually “living” again (as opposed to surviving), one can EVEN get dressed (ok, I didn’t walk around naked before but I did wear as little as decency let me!).

I always like a white shirt and, to make it cheerful/feminine/summery/etc. I thought a floral skirt would be nice:White shirt with floral print skirt

I like the shirt tied at the waist, makes it look a little more casual, but tucked in is fine too, especially if the skirt isn’t tight.

The sandals, I feel, have to be very simple and let the skirt be the “diva”.

How to tie a belt 2









Here are two gorgeous skirts to wear with your white shirt:


And two others which are quite nice too: