The white summer dress

While we all have at least one black dress for the summer, some of us only, have a white dress as well. I must admit not having one myself… in fact, I haven’t felt the need for many years . Until now of course! Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about it…

So, here are white dresses, divided into categories (I am an organised person… bordering worrying…)

First of all, the ones I LOVE:

Finders Keepers SAIL AWAY - Cocktail dress : Party dress - white

Finders Keepers SAIL AWAY – Cocktail dress : Party dress – white

Now the others…


I would wear the simple white dress with either, flats: lace-up sandals, ” man’s like” sandals or unusual ones. I would avoid heels with the long dress.Ffor the others: a bright pair, a simple one or the exact opposite, a very “loud” one! Anyway, black is boring…


Gorgeous with the right shoe, potentially a disaster with the wrong one. Lace is already “busy”, feminine, “wedding like”, there is no need to add! Extremely simple, plain, chic, and not bright, will do. I do like black in this case. No jewellery or very delicate pieces, simple hair, preferably up if long. At least this is what I think.


As above, don’t overdo it with the shoes…perhaps something quite sporty for the day and very simple heels for night-time?

A touch of colour:

The first one, strong personalities only, the second one needs a very trendy heel…

Cut-outs & co.

Shoes: same as lace


Accessories and fit are everything…

White and black (couldn’t resist it!)



As it is…

Long ones:

Barefoot? Beach-party?

H&M lace-up sandals burgundy

H&M lace-up sandals burgundy

or the same lace-up sandals I am obsessed with…

No jewellery.




Last, very casual

Noa Noa Summer dress - chalk

Noa Noa Summer dress – chalk

With anything!!