Kimono Jacket DIY

I actually did a post a while ago about kimono jackets… but, yesterday I saw this:

H&M Linen Kimono

H&M Linen Kimono


Ok, it’s perfectly affordable by anyone, but, if you already have one in the house… For example, I have a son, who is soon to be taller than me AND who happens to do judo. Now, in my case, this is going to be no use just yet, unfortunately this trend has come around a couple of years too soon for me, but if yours were to be the right height…



The next step of course is dyeing it, whichever colour you fancy.

SBT0009You could even add some kind of trimming if you want to make it a little different ( might remind you too much of your teenage son otherwise. We all know it is a time to forget!!).


Well, good luck! With the jacket I mean…