COS gorgeous trousers

COS STRIPED SILK TROUSERS black and blue (detail)

COS STRIPED SILK TROUSERS black and blue (detail)

I have fallen in love with these trousers…..

They are from COS, they are silk, but the best has yet to come….they are black and blue!!!

Now, what’s better than black trousers? Black and blue trousers of course!

Think, you can wear them with all the clothes and colours you wear with your BT but they have also a second colour in them, not too evident, which is great to make a look more interesting while not “disturbing”. Ok, I am probably going over the top here, but when madly in love, one tends to go on , and on, and on… you get the picture, don’t you?!

Ending this rambling speech, the trousers are great both for day-time and evening/special occasion:

Sorry, the second pair of sandals are very expensive but I couldn’t  find the style I wanted otherwise!