Naturally, when I was younger I would embrace new trends and wear them head to toe! Now I don’t. Not only because I am not that young anymore but also because A. I have hopefully more taste than I did when I was 20 B. I have already “done” certain trends, sometimes more than once C. I feel secure enough to refuse wearing the ones I don’t like.

That off my chest, what I want to say is this:

Every season there are new trends. If you want to look up to date, without going for the “full look”, while updating your wardrobe as well as your image with not great expense, YOU JUST NEED TO GO FOR THE SMALL DETAILS.

The thing is, what you want to do with these trends is to use them in little doses, this is 2015, so you are supposed to wear the clothes that are fashionable now with just a hint of the trend from the past.

E.G. the 70’s look. Why not just fall back on to the make up?


Back than it was all about big colourful eyes…

I would generally give a miss to big hair, unless it looks like this:

trsl58_gotonewheightsNot sure about anything else from that era…