Do you actually buy what’s on your wish list?

I am asking because today I bought two pairs of sandals which were not on my list and I doubt they would have been.

Let’s go back to the beginning. I, like many people who like clothes/shoes/accessories/etc., often make plans for the new season, see:

But, how many of the things you have on your list do you actually buy? I buy some, certainly not all of them. For the moment, out of my list, I have purchased the mules and had a pair of flared jeans shortened.

There is also another aspect to consider, perhaps two. The first one is that I think one should buy when one finds something great, not necessarily when looking for a specific item. Like I did today. I wasn’t looking for sandals, I had gone to the Outlet near my home town, looking for a present for my Mother in law. Which I did find, only I still had some time to kill before the next appointment and I ended up in a shoe shop! How very strange!!!! By the way, be careful with Outlets….not everything that shines is gold… but this is another story.

The second aspect is you should buy what actually looks nice on you rather than what is fashionable or looks good on the site. Because, I would have never bought what I bought today, hadn’t I been in the shop and had a chance to try the sandals on and realise they looked really good on me! I am absolutely certain I wouldn’t have gone looking for them or even worn them for that matter!

On top of everything, they were very cheap, 49 euros a pair. I rest my case.

There’s something else I want to add. I went on the internet, just out of curiosity, to check two things: 1- whether the starting prices shown were indeed what they claimed to be (well…we all like a bargain) 2- whether it wouldn’t, by any chance, be a name I should watch regularly. Well,I am not sure about the prices because the only site which sells them is the company I bought them from, but I don’t care too much as I think they were worth more than what I paid anyway. The shoes I saw on the site though, were awful! I wouldn’t have bought anything, in fact, I wouldn’t have worn them even if they had paid me!

Like all stories, this one too teaches us something “meaningful”, well, let’s say useful: it’s always best to try things on and have an open mind.

And now…here are my sandals!!

Black suede sandal%0AROBERTO DELLA CROCE

Black suede sandal ROBERTO DELLA CROCE


I am going to wear these ones with trousers so they are not sooo “rock chick” but chic instead.







And here’s the second pair

Python and suede sandals ROBERTO DELLA CROCE

Python and suede sandals

I know! Who would have thought!!!! Certainly not me… however, I am going to wear these with dresses and skirts, for a “ladylike” finish but not too frumpy…. (my legs, which are nothing special, looked rather nice in these!)