Spring/Summer 2015 shoes

I have decided I should gather together in one post all the different styles of shoes for Spring/Summer 2015 because there are too many this season to write about separately. I also don’t want to stick to writing only about shoes, even though I could!!! ( sounds like a threat!)

Lace-up flats (the style I MUST have and I am willing to spend a reasonable amount of money on!)

Two/three tone shoes (very nice but can’t have them all!). They seem to be everywhere…

Patterned shoes (same as above, perhaps if I found a really cheap pair)

I have done a post about floral ballerinas too if you want to see more:


Brogues: suede, laser-cut, cut-out or the usual leather (I like them but not mad about them for the warm part of the year).

D’Orsay flats (cute, a cheap pair will do).

See this post if you wish to look at more styles:


Curved heel shoes (decided to put the original but plenty of cheaper ones around and no, I won’t have them, love them though, maybe next season).

Dior the curved heel

Dior the curved heel

Mules. I still have some pairs from the last time they were fashionable!!!!!!!!! Does that mean I am old or lucky?!? Anyway, these have also got “The curved heel!” Nice flat and mid heel too.

Mango curved heel mules black

Mango curved heel mules black

White rubber soles (have already ordered them!!!!). Love them because they are mules, they aren’t too elegant because of the sole and the heel looks comfy, I hope!!

SPM TERRIER - Sandals - black

SPM TERRIER – Sandals – black

Of course there are more styles than I decided to show on this post but I chose to only show what I like. As usual.