Which garment do you start from?

Readers’ survey                      Woman-getting-dressed-Dump-E-card-

I am asking because I noticed this morning I started from a pair of tights…which is rather unusual at best!!!

It would be great to share our “getting dressed habits” because I reckon it might give us all new ideas…

So, which garment do you start your outfit from? Do you always start from the same one (and why?) or it depends on the mood/whether/occasion/destination/etc.????

Write, I am really curious, please?



I HAD to put this comic strip, even if is in Italian, sorry, couldn’t find in English!!!!



(It kind of goes like this: “Darling, I am doing my makeup and I will be right there” she said “ok, meanwhile I am going to get a degree in nuclear physics” he said.)