Pre-owned clothes and accessories

M Missoni dress $70.00

M Missoni dress $70.00

Just wanted to point out you can buy Designer clothes and accessories from sites which specialise in selling already worn items, “pre-owned”, as they called them. If you have been reading my Blog you know I can’t afford “Designer”, but, if you haven’t, been reading I mean, this is what I think: there are plenty of very good clothing companies out there, there is no need at all to spend too much money.

M Missoni sweater $75.00

M Missoni sweater $75.00


Having said that, I do like certain Designers and also fancy having a few of their creations…..

that’s why …..

I have recently bought a “pre-owned” Missoni sweater, the site is based in the States. I had been fancying a Missoni top for quite some time, so I decided I would go ahead and try this new adventure.


1- The sweater got here pretty quickly and was in very good condition.

2- I think it’s gorgeous

3- A third of what I paid (which by the way wasn’t much at all) went on delivery costs, therefore, next time I am going to try to get what I want from a European site

4-I think I might do this again!!!!!

Here is the USA site:

They have an enormous amount of clothes and accessories, you could spend hours looking through it!!













here is a site (which I haven’t yet tried) in Europe:

Sandro silk short sleeve blouse £70.00

Sandro silk short sleeve blouse £70.00

Not so many things but, if you manage to wait, perhaps what you want will eventually turn up!








You can subscribe to either in order to receive mails with the latest arrivals although I would advise against it, as you might find yourself  “needing” too many things…. I would only visit them in order to find something specific and special.


P.S. Found a site based in Italy too:

looks quite good….