I don’t know you, but I have spent rather a lot this winter. This is why I am trying to find ways to make my clothes look different every day by matching them in different ways.

I was quite proud (and warm!!) of my outfit yesterday and thought I would share it with you. I basically wore a simple knitted dress with a sweater over it. Now, I know it doesn’t sound as a great discovery, but, think about it, it is a very good way of changing look every time you wear that dress! Depending on the knits length, width, colour, and you can wear different tights, socks, shoes, etc…..

The dress styles you can start from for example could be:

1. Simple round or v-neck short or sleeveless dress. This because otherwise you will be boiling once you wear another sweater on top and also because all you are going to see is the skirt anyway. I would wear a long sleeve sweater over it with or without collar, that’s up to you.

2. Simple turtle neck (or similar), long sleeve. Here you will see most of the dress instead. This is for a short sleeve or sleeveless sweater without collar.

The dresses I found aren’t wonderful but are ok to show you what I mean.

Now, layer. Try different sweaters over your dresses. Once you have found some matches, start looking at accessories. If it’s all one colour perhaps you could dare a pair of unusual tights,

Camano ARGYLE - Tights - black

Camano ARGYLE – Tights – black


Boden THE LACE UP navy & warm pewter

Boden THE LACE UP navy & warm pewter


or shoes






And what about plain tights and socks coming out from a pair of ankle boots?Socks with boots black copy

A thick scarf would be nice too.

Madewell larking plaid scarf

Madewell larking plaid scarf







Do you have any more ideas?