What’s your winter’s fabulous buy?

I must stop spending. I have bought myself some lovely things this winter. I guess, because the last few years I had to be a bit careful, I slightly over-did it this season.  Yesterday though, I bought the best pair of shoes I have ever had!!!

I was looking for a pair of boots, that’s because I discovered I can actually walk with heels (slowly), not very high ones but I don’t like them too high anyway. I am into ankle boots right now and I love those simple, classic, zipped ones. I can’t find them though, so, I thought I would have a look in an outlet near my home town.

I bought a pair of summer T-bar’s!! I know, it is not what I wanted and was trying to find, but, as my sister reminded me I always say, buy what’s fabulous and fits you wonderfully when you find it, because when you look for it, it won’t be there! On top of that, I can’t normally afford L’ Autre Chose shoes, but these ones on sale I could!! They are slightly tight, but, they are sooo gorgeous, I am willing to do anything in order to wear them! I think I will start walking around the house with them, I am going to look so chic! Well, my feet are, the rest of me will probably be more comfortable and my “house outfit” will look rather funny!!

L' Autre Chose t-bar shoes

L’ Autre Chose t-bar shoes

Mine are grey, which is even better because there’s nothing that won’t go with that colour, plus it looks much better against my usually pale legs…

What did you buy this year you find fabulous?