I am definitely getting into festive mood I suppose, I keep on looking at sparkly numbers! 120868993Some of us are going to have plenty of dinners and special evenings where dressing up is required, so here are lots of gorgeous shiny things you can use…

But, don’t confine them to evening use only, they CAN be worn during the day too! You obviously need to match them differently, a pair of jeans for the tops, a big fluffy sweater for the skirts, etc. I guess the bra is only evening though…  I wouldn’t spend too much for sequins. Day time wear is after all just a passing trend, while at night tends to be dark, which translates into not being able to tell whether it’s expensive or not and anyway it “blings” and it’s cute even if it isn’t a quality item…

Here is my choice of clothes and accessories:

And here some examples of how I would use them for day-time wear:

Sequin jacket with jeans

Sequin t-shirt with jeans








Sequin skirt and grey sweater

Sequin ballerinas with jeans