LBDs and a few more

I received one of those “newsletter” e-mails from “& Other Stories” a few days ago. The link took me onto a page absolutely full of dresses and wow!!! a world opened!! One, made of lots and lots of gorgeous “I don’t know what to wear today, oh! why! a dress of course” .

They are largely black, some for day-time, some for the evening, and some for both. There are some dark blue ones too, which can be worn both for day and night occasions. There are a few in other colours. But they are all great!




Have you seen how many?!?!? AND, they are all really simple, chic, well cut. Sometimes I wonder how they manage it.

So, wear them with brogues, thick tights and perhaps a top where needed for the day.

Add glittery tights, or sparkly shoes and a fabulous necklace for the evening, and off you go….

& Other Stories CHUNKY TIE NECKLACE gold

& Other Stories CHUNKY TIE NECKLACE gold

You don’t even need to think (for those mornings you wake up late, hangover, sad, depressed, etc. etc.)