Matching top and skirt/trousers

Terribly excited about this!!!!
It’s one of those things which feel new, not really never seen before, difficult in fashion I suppose, but kind of not been seen in the last few years. When was it, the 60’s perhaps, when women used to wear matching top and skirt ? I mean the ones that didn’t wear minis…. Difficult to believe but, some actually were kind of prudish.. It doesn’t matter really, what does is, we can finally find something quite different.

COS sleeveless wool top and wool skirt

COS sleeveless wool top and wool skirt

I know, it doesn’t look very sexy. I don’t like “sexy”, at least not what is normally intended as such. You must love well cut clothes and good fabrics, which, for this kind of look, tend to be both always very good, and which I am rather biased towards. Tartan,

Oasis claret check top and trousers

Oasis claret check top and trousers

tweed and so on. Now, I agree you don’t want to look too “good girl”, so, don’t wear it with flat shoes! I can’t believe I am saying this but, I think this kind of look should be worn with heels!!
Of course with the trousers is another matter…you could add lace-up shoes, although heels are probably nicer in this case.

Anyway, if the skirt or trousers are a good cut and follow your body shape properly, you wear heels or boots, perhaps an intriguing make-up and have a feminine haircut….I reckon you will look sexy in a much more subtle way.

Another way to spice up this kind of outfit is adding a necklace:

Here are some gorgeous heels for it:

Some suede ankle boots:

Some leather ankle boots:

And some casual boots for women like me who can’t walk with heels or for the more sporty ones…

Perhaps I should have done a post about boots, I got a bit carried away…