Shirt and trousers ensemble

I don’t usually like shirts buttoned up to the top. A lot depends on the hair style I suppose, and also on what you wear the shirt with.

Anyway, I like this:



The reasons I like this outfit are:

It looks cool and chic.

The pattern is in the bottom half and is small. The shape of the trousers isn’t too classic or too unusual either. It is possible to wear a skirt instead, a pencil skirt I would say, which covers the knees.

The belt complements the trousers well, I think the fact that it is quite “rich” in details makes the trousers look even more chic!

The shirt is very simple and one colour. I don’t think it would work otherwise.

The shoes go very well and, as I prefer flats, I am obviously going to love them! Having said that, I think heels would be nice too…

Now, the model is tall and thin and young and has straight gorgeous hair. I am not sure “mere mortals” like us could manage that. Perhaps, we should have our hair up, or short,in order to look good with a shirt buttoned up like that.

Last, the clutch. That makes this look quite glamorous, if you wore any other kind of bag, it just wouldn’t be so cool.

So, here are some possible clothes to obtain the same look:


Skirts (alternative):

Malene Binger alegra pencil skirt

Malene Binger alegra pencil skirt





Uttam boutique bird tapestry skirt

Uttam boutique bird tapestry skirt










Flat shoes:

Classic heels:

and later on when it’s colder, some brogues

And… if you want to see more about Jacquard trousers and other ways of wearing them, have a look at my posts “Patterned trousers” and “Patterned trousers 2” . Didn’t actually realise I like them soo much….