I have noticed recently I find it very difficult to wear earrings. In fact, it has been a long time since I used to wear them regularly. I don’t much like having things I don’t wear. It just seems a shame, especially because, when I look at them, I still like them. The problem is, they don’t seem to go with the way I dress at the moment.

I was looking through a magazine yesterday and saw a model wearing multiple small lobe earrings.
I like it that way, it seems the perfect solution.

Accessorize has a lot of nice ones but they obviously reflect their price, I would generally try to find something better quality. I wouldn’t wear more than 2/3 together. They could be all the same or a few different ones, in this case I would go for tiny pieces.

I also like them on one lobe only, perhaps two exactly the same or just slightly different sizes of the same kind.

The Cos ones are nice, you can mix and match them…

Of course the tried and tested way of wearing one on each lobe still looks nice, as long as the earrings do too…

Another interesting kind of earrings are the ear-cuffs. Again, must be small and tasteful or at least worn at a special occasion.Bijoux Coquette @ Boticca - red-gold-lace-earring

Zara pearl and stone cuff earringsEvening look…




There still are a few long ones I like….. not many. I feel they need to be quite fine and simple…



I must be honest, I haven’t been able to find many sites where I like the jewellery, some are too cheap, some too expensive, some just too boring….but I will keep on searching.

A few more from Accessorize, and if you are the right kind of person, there are some “fun” options too!