It’s time to sort out your wardrobe!

A tidy wardrobe makes a huge difference on how your clothes look and, as a consequence, about the way you feel towards them.

A lovely piece of furniture where to store your clothes makes them look nicer.
Do you ever open it and stand staring at what’s inside and think it all looks old and not very exciting?
That’s because it’s messy. Well, sometimes that’s the reason, sometimes it’s just because your clothes are awful….in that case you might as well get rid of them all and start again afresh! If the latter is your case, I think it’s better to have very few but nice things rather than lots of so-and-so ones. But this is a different subject on which I will sooner or later write about.

So, here’s what you ought to do regularly:

1) Empty your cupboard/ change your cupboard/ improve your cupboard (delete as applicable)

7772162) Buy some nice hangers, all the same kind and not too fussy. Clothes look better on a nice hanger then on an awful one, they also look better if the hangers are all the same shape, length, height, etc.

3) Get rid of clothes you don’t wear or are old and tatty. Only exception is: if the reason you are not using them at the moment is they don’t fit but you HONESTLY think they will soon, keep them somewhere else, bring them back only when you can actually wear them again. No point in getting upset about being overweight daily, it is not going to get you anywhere and will just make you feel sorry about yourself and make it more difficult to choose something to wear.

4) Get rid of clothes you aren’t that keen about anymore and wear only now and again. You can store them somewhere else while you think about whether to keep them.

5) Decide, before starting to put back the remaining things where you are going to put them. For example:
I like jackets, shirts and tops on the top part, while trousers and skirts in the bottom, as it should be when you actually wear them! This makes it easier to decide what to wear with what in the morning.

6) When hanging back each kind of clothing put them all together (trousers, skirts, etc.) , all facing the same way and in order of colour. e.g. start, for example, with your blue jeans, from the darkest to the lightest, then trousers from brown to beige ones, then black to grey and so on. Nice also if the colours next to each other actually match. I like trousers hanging but jeans could also be on a shelf. images-6


7) Find a nice place where to put your accessories, which need to be visible in order to put your outfit together, accessories are essentials, not an extra!  What about a box for your belts?




Perhaps you could find a nice hanger for them and have them on the door of your wardrobe.

I put my scarves

Silk scarf FRAAS

Silk scarf FRAAS

in a nice pile, obviously by colour and folded all the same way and size. The summer ones or the silk ones go in another box, all on their side in order to see what I have.

I also keep most of my handbags in the cupboard.



Here depends how much space you have, but if you have lots, ideal is having them standing one next to the other (with side showing) so you can see what you have straight away. If you can’t, you can always stack them one on top of the other and have the ones you use most hanging around the bedroom. Gloves can go again in a box on their side so you can see all your colours.

8) I also suggest you make two or more sections of shelves, I have mine divided in sports and all the rest, with priority (that means on the central shelves) for the nice ones (that means NOT the sports ones!!)

9) Shelves: divide each kind of top into different piles, again by colour if possible, t-shirts, sleeveless tops, evening tops, lightweight jumpers, warm and heavier ones, house clothes, and so on. stock-photo-cashmere-146161613


brandvanegmond_icy_lady_deckenleuchte_210) Don’t forget lighting is important in your bedroom! One can’t possibly try clothes on and check how they fit or match in poor lighting.


11) Another obvious important piece is a good mirror, full length of course. Doesn’t need to be expensive or beautiful, although everything helps, but does need to reflect reality. This is where you have to decide whether you can silver-vintage-style-dress-mirror-or-free-standing-full-length-cheval-mirror-muriel-319-pactually leave the house dressed in a certain way, hence the necessity of a mirror which tells you exactly what you look like.



12) Last, your jewellery. I used to have mine in a box and trays in drawers. I never wore it. I than decided I had lots of nice things, not expensive nice, just nice. And I wanted to use them.

So, this is what you can do: have an old-fashioned but always glamorous table with mirror (need to have lots of taste to choose something which will not look ridiculous) and put several different size boxes

to contain smaller pieces such as earrings, rings, and stands for hanging your necklaces and bracelets. dbe3b3f8-5692-4fbe-8520-1aeff76e7a18-largeeOtherwise, have your things around the bedroom, a couple of antique hooks on the wall with long necklaces, a stand for the shorter ones on top of a low piece of furniture, a couple of things hanging from your cupboard doors’ key. I think you get the picture. It will actually make your room prettier as well. I even have a necklace hanging on the corner of my mirror!

I know it sounds like a lot of work but you will so pleased with the result it will be worth it. I actually love doing it, even in other people’s wardrobes. Your clothes will look like they are all new and putting together outfits will be soooo easy!!!