COS Essentials

I am getting rather bored because there’s very little new around this period of the year. I don’t like sale time and I refuse to think too much in advance to winter clothes, even though I absolutely adore them!

So, if you have any money left, after paying for your holidays….I have actually found what you ought to spend it on: COS essentials. See, we are always investing in the new season clothes there’s never the time and money when one invests in basics, which are, as the word suggests,  something necessary to one’s wardrobe.

Here are some from my favourite make:



A “you never know it might get cold and anyway makes everything look sooo chic” SCARF

Linen mix melange scarf

Linen mix melange scarf

A PAIR OF SKINNY JEANS which look good both for casual and elegant wear

Skinny fit trousers navy or black

Skinny fit trousers
navy or black

A PAIR OF TIGHTS which I am sure you will need come winter and cold to wear with fabulous dresses and skirts

Opaque cotton tights also in black and navy

Opaque cotton tights
also in black and navy

and last, but something I feel one should always have, A PAIR OF BLACK BROGUES

Patent lace-up shoes

Patent lace-up shoes

Enjoy the shopping!