Here we are, summer has finally arrived and the sandals are coming out the boxes.  I think, at this point, one should make sure, one feet are looking good enough to be shown to the world. …nail-polish-beauty_~k8215080137122692

This means, first of all, a good pedicure, then, some nice nail polish. I definitely like SHORT nails and I think they should always be painted. There’s plenty of colours out there but, unless you are under 20, you ought to be careful with the unusual and really bright ones. Fingernails are nice painted too but I don’t actually think they must be. Again, I think they should be always kept quite short, possibly a little square.  This is what I like right now, a dark shade for feet and a lighter one of the same colour for hands. For instance, if you use a dark grey for toe nails I would paint fingernails with a pearl grey, here are some colours I like:

These are all day colours. I do think one might even go for something more daring for the evening time, provided the clothes are extremely simple!

two more ideas…

I know, this is not something one can do at home, for a special evening though one can perhaps invest in somebody who is able to do it, otherwise I read on a site that a toothpick can be used to do little, simple drawings…good luck! E.