I like to have a summer watch. The thing is, I don’t want to bother with  changing it if for instance I go in the water or for a walk in the mountains. Having said that, I like it to be “right” for any other occasion too. Not that I have lots of “dressing up” engagements during the summer though! Anyway, I think the best watch for the job is a plastic one. I am not for bright colours, as mentioned before! I have come to the conclusion that grey is the perfect one. I have found this really nice CASIO, it is a very dark grey but with a little blue on the screen and that vintage feel…. I think it’s just what I was looking for!

B640WB-2BEF-1-2030193809 I considered a white watch, one needs to be careful with this colour though as it shows up a lot, especially on suntanned skin. I also think it would need to be quite simple and NO glitter please! Well, I think that’s the case with any watch anyway.

Of course there are a few colours even I would consider, one cannot obviously wear them with everything, maybe the burgundy one or the multicoloured ones,certainly not the other one and anyway not if one is already wearing bright coloured clothes!

Finally, a couple more grey watches….. E.