Checking out new arrivals…


A few days ago I went to Bologna centre. I was on mission to buy a box for my jewellery. I unfortunately, a little while ago, had to take several of my possessions, to be galvanised. And no, I didn’t know what that was either, until I realised most of my ornaments had gone black! You see, apparently jewellery can tarnish when exposed to changes in humidity. I concluded the air conditioning system is good for me but not for my necklaces and rings. Hence the box, to which I will have to add some of those small sachets you find in bags when they are new, they contain some kind of salt, I think, which helps ¬†preventing humidity take over.

So, I went off to Bologna in order to go to “The Shop” I knew I would find the perfect transparent box where to store my things: MUJI.

The problem is, to get there on foot, I have to walk along a road full of shops. That’s where it gets dangerous…Before I got to the box I visited several other places. First there was the really pretty set of eye shadows, you see, a couple of years ago now, I saw this gorgeous bright yellow on a model and thought it was just the right Spring lift! I never found it then, but I have now! It sometimes happens to me, I fancy something which I subsequently find one or two years later. Anyway, it had some other bright colours in it too, orange, pink, green and blue. I had to have it, now I had finally found it.

A little farther in my walk I thought I would check out how those butter coloured derby Zara shoes (here) were in real life. After trying them on I decided they were a nice idea but the wedge was a little too thick for my personal style. I had also seen a pair of very different style shoes I wanted to have a look at. They were cute enough, and, even though they had a heel, quite comfy, “walkable”. Here they are:

I wasn’t so sure they were my style and, anyway, my feet weren’t sure either, as they just wanted to come out while walking…

So I went on, by this time with a craving for a new pair of shoes. When I stopped in front of the last shoe shop, a few windows away from my original destination, I never thought I would actually find something, let alone a pair of sandals!!!! But I did, and they are gorgeous. I don’t know what made me go in as it is definitely not my sort of footwear, in fact, quite the opposite.

February is clearly not the right time for sandals, but hey! I do believe in buying things when you find them and they are perfect for you, not when you need them and end up with something not quite the way you wanted it.

I did eventually make it to MUJI and bought my jewellery box, which I have spent a long time filling, including sorting out drawers I hadn’t tidied in years, but that’s another story. So, be careful when going to buy boxes….


Sorry, here are my new sandals by Camper: