I never thought I would say this but I am a tiny bit bored with clothes right now….I don’t bother much lately and tend to wear either “uniforms” (well rehearsed outfits) or all black. I fancy accessories though, seasonal ones, like hats, scarves, gloves, etc.qu-16-39-mi-25_5_301101

I love huge scarves and I would like to own a pair of long leather gloves. I rather fancy a hat as well, a classic fedora felt hat. The thing is, accessories do make the difference in an outfit, they finish the look and can make it soooo chic. Big scarves make one look extremely cool, leather gloves are just so “lady-like” and hats, well, hats add the right attitude, the kind  “don’t mess with me” attitude….

Here’s a selection:


My favourite sets are: hat by 8/Fedora’s, burgundy gloves and herringbone scarf.

Or, black Fedora with gauntlet gloves and any scarf.

I really quite fancy the Wilfred Free knitted scarf with the wide brim hat, grey hat and any gloves

…and I reckon the white scarf looks great with black hat + black gloves (but I don’t wear white….)

By it does depend on what your coat/jacket looks like too…


8 black hat with white sticking& Other Stories Fedora hat& Other Stories buckle hat, & Other Stories wide brim hat& Other Stories green gloves& Other Stories gauntlet gloves& Other Stories plain scarvesWilfred Free scarfMargaret Howell herringbone scarfZara checked scarfCheap Monday black scarf.