Graphic t-shirt + long pleated tartan skirt + flats

She was just passing by but her skirt… oh! Her skirt was AMAZING!! I have always been in love with tartan and I honestly don’t care whether it is in fashion or not, because, as far as I am concerned, it always is.

Anyway, the woman was wearing this gorgeous up to date version of a kilt, it was long, ankles length, it was pleated all around. I know what you are thinking! No it didn’t make her look big, because the pleats were deep, so they remained flat, and the length obviously helped to make it more streamlined. Ah, it was black & white tartan. Here, a little collage of mainly tartan skirts (with a couple of intruders!) to get you in the mood:

Now, she was wearing it, which is an essential part to make this look gorgeous and not old-fashioned, a graphic t-shirt with it.  The shoes: I can either imagine a pair of white trainers, a pair of ankle flat boots or brogues.

I did search, but I haven’t found the same skirt, yet. Here are a few collages though to show you what it could look like:

black-sweater-black-white-tartan-skirt-ankle-boots graphic-t-shirt-tartan-long-skirt-ankle-boots graphic-t-shirt-tartan-skirt-trainers polo-neck-sweater-tartan-skirt-brogues

I did add a couple of  sweaters since the season requires something warmer….