Palazzo trousers


I decided to use the italian word Palazzo (palace) for this kind of trousers as, as far as I can tell, there isn’t one in english to indicate very wide long trousers, but also because it does give the idea of how they are. Some sites do use the same term but others don’t. In fact, it’s a mess, the same style is called with lots of different names…

img-thingC. says she has seen palazzo trousers around a lot and is thinking about buying a pair. I was rather against them a first… also because C. is not exactly “model hight”.. she is slim and proportion are fine, nevertheless, she isn’t very tall. In fact, if she insists on having a pair, I think she ought to opt for the shorter version, culottes, or at least go for flowing material. Also, I wouldn’t spend serious money on this trend as I am sure next year they will be discarded… Anyhow, here are a few pairs I don’t mind (I can’t say I love them though).

I haven’t seen a floral pair even worth wearing around the house but I did quite like the striped one by Mango. The navy one needs the height. C., one of them is “made for you” !! And, if I ever change my mind, I will have the knitted maroon pair (might as well go for something exciting!!)


N.B. make sure you use flats please and the top must be either fitted or shortish.

Zara flowing black palazzo trousersZara knitted palazzo trousers, Mango black palazzo trousersMango sand palazzo trousersMango linen striped trousersMango navy trousers.