French women

I am back. I loved my time in Paris for many reasons but the one that concerns this blog is french women. This quote sums them up:


And STYLE they have! Lots of it!! I saw so many women whose style was unique. French women are definitely very chic and have style in abundance. One may or may not like what they have on, but when you look around and you  notice one woman after the other and can’t remember what they were wearing apart from the fact they looked great… well, that to me means style. Never too dressed up but never unkept, simple but with great detailing, each one of them different from the other. Always chic. Never too much make-up but always fresh and feminine. Hair never looks just done, a little “unkept” but always looks well-kept,  just enough to make them look they didn’t try too hard but they have a good hairdresser they can count on. Flat shoes mainly, very chic indeed. They just have that self-assurance which is disarmingly elegant. Their style: relaxed elegance.