Lady’s wear

This morning I saw a Lady I know who always wears very classic clothes. I normally don’t like her outfits but she does have good taste, just a different style from mine. I did love her outfit today though! It was ever so simple, in a way. She had a shift dress on, black base with flowers, and a pair of very tasteful, simple, black suede sandals. Although it is not really “my thing”, I think I would like to “play the Lady” every now and again…

So, if you want to try it too, you need a classic shift dress and a pair of beautiful heels, like so:


No jewellery s’il vous plait. And, if you have long hair, put it up.

Here are all the dresses with names:

and the sandals:

and the links:

Hobbs Rita dressHobbs Erika dressHobbs Capability dressHobbs camilla dressHobbs Tea Rose dressHobbs Dalilah dressHobbs Tulip dressPhase Eight Marguerite dress

Prezioso sandals black suedePrezioso sandals in slate blue suedeLella Baldi satin sandals