Today’s clothes

I don’t like culottes. Well, apart from a pair I was actually talked into trying on a few days ago. They are made of jersey, which makes all the difference, at least to me. The thing is, they don’t “stick out” at the sides, they just fall nicely making me look the right shape! They are also very comfy and will be great when it becomes hotter. I decided to wear them yesterday, even though it is still a bit fresh…

Here’s what I wore with them:

Denim jacket + long striped shirt + culottes + silver bangles + bowling bag + Stan Smith's

The shirt isn’t exactly like mine, I have a gorgeous Aspesi one, but I couldn’t find it anywhere, so this is the nearest style I found. I actually also added a little cardigan for warmth, which looked nice even on its own, perhaps as an alternative to the denim jacket. I had to wear trainers because, as I said, it’s still a little cold, but what I will use later on are my burgundy lace-up sandals:

Denim jacket + long striped shirt + culottes + silver bangles + bowling bag + lace-up sandals

Minus the denim jacket and possibly with a different bag too.

So, here are some alternative shirts, most of them with sleeves, although i much prefer the sleeveless or at least short sleeve option:

The culottes:

Hidden Forest Wide Pants navy

Hidden Forest Wide Pants navy


Off-shoulder blouseLong sleeves striped shirtTunicLong linen blend shirtOversized shirt-dressLong striped sleeveless shirtStriped shirt with pocketPants.