Beauty routine and I

beauty-products-vector-illustration-45901462Not friends. Never liked it. This is me:

A few days ago I finished the cleanser (it was probably 2 years old!!). Luckily, I have a sister who works for a beauty company and supplies me with everything I need (I just need to remember to order but even for that I get reminders from her), including tons of advice on what I should use, when, how, etc. Things I promptly forget and call her about several times thereafter… All I need to say to her, for instance, is “I need a face cream”, she knows what type of skin I have and decides, considering different factors : time of the year, age, etc. (what else I have no idea!!), anyhow, she decides what I need. Isn’t that great?! Back to the cleanser, I had a new one she had given me, so I took it out the cupboard and started using it. It took me a couple of days to realise it wasn’t taking make-up off my face very well, including a dirty pillow, before I actually noticed. It than took me another two days to ask myself why. The fifth day I decided to read what was written on the bottle: Body moisturiser.

That’s me. Of course I did have the cleanser in the cupboard, just on a different shelf.


Thank you Sis.







I am quite sure my sister was horrified. She is right I suppose but I just can’t be bothered I’m afraid, plus, I have her, who does the thinking for me. I just wish sometimes she were around to do the checking too…