My one week rule

My one week rule applies only to trendy items and goes like this: if I see something I like which belongs to “the one season trend” section, I must wait one week before buying it. If after that time I am still convinced I want it, I can go ahead and take it to its new home!! Obviously, it also has to be reasonably priced too, no point in throwing away money on a passing trend.

Next big thing sign

Doesn’t apply to classic items for the simple reason I tend to know what I want and like and if I find it, I just know it’s the right thing. I sometimes spend months anyway, looking for just the right item, so I have time to think, consider, reconsider, change idea, look some more, etc. etc. For example, I have been looking for a black handbag. I started with a style and I am going to end up with another, but I just know it is the right one, I won’t bore you with the details…but will show you what I am about to order though:

Massimo Dutti Borsa bowling

Massimo Dutti Borsa bowling