The Sock boot


I have been looking for this kind of boot for quite some time now. I am starting to find some, just not my one unfortunately. It happens to me quite a lot. I end up not buying the item I have so long wanted because, when it finally becomes available at the right price I am often “over it”… Of course it depends what it is, whether it’s a fashion item or a classic one. The latter, by definition, is always a good buy (e.g. still looking for a faire isle sweater, it’s been 2 years now!!)

Anyway, this is the one that first made my heart skip a beat:

Burgundy ankle boots

My ideal one: it’s tight at the ankle (inside zip) and covers it (past it, hugging it), some call this kind of boot mid-calf. Anyway, they are great to wear both with trousers (skinny and wide likewise) and with skirts. This kind of boot makes ones leg look gorgeous. Of course if, to start with, ones legs are half decent, miracles just don’t happen… This boots are also burgundy, a colour I will always adore, almost as much as black. Oh, my ideal heel for this boot is high, but not too much, and not too thin (no stiletto).

Here are some I found earlier, just to give an idea of what I am rambling on about:

But they are not exactly what I want, for one reason or another…