Straw hats

I have taken to wearing a hat. I am just about desperate, the heat is unbearable… I am trying to hide under everything possible…


I still think one ought to be stylish at all costs…

I don’t love the wide brim really, I prefer something a bit more subtle. I don’t like the “floppy” type either. So, here’s what I do like:

Jeanne Simmons

Jeanne Simmons


This is my favourite one (picture’s a bit small, sorry)



But I find this one very chic too:

& Other Stories STRAW FEDORA HAT

& Other Stories STRAW FEDORA HAT





I guess the fedora type of hat is my kind of thing…




And all of these:

If you really want to be a diva, here’s a couple of wider brimmed hats:

Otherwise, one could go for just a visor:

Here’s also a rather intriguing one, for the more flamboyants of us:

Last, something a little unusual:

Scotch & Soda straw baseball cap

Scotch & Soda straw baseball cap


Do make sure your hat is going to be made of natural fibres, or you will end up feeling hotter than without one… I have done it.