At last, swimwear

I hate neon colours. 

I want to be sure you understand that. They look awful on pale skin and worse on tanned skin.

I don’t much like the seaside either. I did go though, for a week. It’s apparently very good for skin problems and I have a son who seems to need it. I am also going soon on an enlarged family holiday, near the seaside. There’s going to be a pool. Last piece of info, it’s so hot I am spending time at a place with lots of pools.


Now, since I love clothes, especially winter ones, it comes really difficult to me talking swimming wear. But I do like to be up to scratch, whatever the occasion. So, it looks like I have to consider it.

I don’t like bright, too busy, too sexy, too revealing, topless, g-strings…

I have a friend, she is a very nice person, only, she wears neon bikinis, matches them with neon flip-flops, and she even manages matching nail polish…. it’s disarming…

SIMPLE. IT’S THE ONLY WAY TO GO. Plain bikinis or an always very chic one-piece. Nicely cut, nice shades. If you can’t refrain from being a bit more “visible”, add some fine jewellery, a hat and a pair of sunglasses, no more. Ah, don’t trot down to the beach wearing cheap flip-flops or worse, heels!!

This colour and style is great, nice both with or without tan:



Dark and loose in the right place is always good:

and the halter neck versions:

WARNING: the following two swimsuits are to be used only with pale skin, NO accessories, possibly lighter hair or at least tied back, if not short:

Now bikinis. A classic one:

Violet Lake London Paris bikini top + Carver bottom

Violet Lake London Paris bikini top + Carver bottom

something black

something a little trendy

something more trendy, to be used only with a flat tummy, with the addition of a second top, to be used in order to avoid marks:

This is it.