I never have enough tops. Every season I look at my wardrobe and I plan to buy, say, two pair of trousers, a skirt, etc. The “important” garments, the expensive ones. I then realise, I don’t actually have enough tops to wear with them…

Reasons I lack in tops:

  • I don’t buy them because I don’t think about it
  • I can’t find tops I like
  • I can’t wear anything I like

I am getting better with the first point, as a matter of fact, last week I was in Zara looking for a dress and I saw this top:

Zara Geometric print top. Sleeveless blk & white

and I bought it, as you do, when looking for something completely different… Seriously, I actually think one should always be on the lookout for certain items and buy them when one finds them! That would be my second point and third points solved, I just need to remember the first one!!

Anyway, having spent reasonable amounts on white shirts, which are always a good solution and need to be good quality, I reckon the best place to go to for summer tops is Zara. It’s unbelievable the choice they have! There are so so many, I have never seen so many tops I like in any one place!! Just take a look and you will find an enormous amount of tops. Online is best, they have EVERYTHING (have I stressed it enough or what??)

If you already have basics like black/white t-shirts and tops, I would go for patterned or at least look for some kind of “movement” (like cut-out, different fabric textures,etc.)

Too many to download, would take me hours… here are the links:

Don’t get carried away…